Thursday, October 25, 2012

Never Call You Bitch Again (Evolution) (video)

This is a video I've just put together as the last promo for Collected Mashups Vol. 1, showcasing an underground classic of mine: Tupac Shakur vs. Cinematic Orchestra featuring Fontella Bass - "Never Call You Bitch Again (Evolution)".

This video was almost finished when the infamous Tupac "hologram" made an appearance at Coachella, but remained on my hard drive for quite a while, perhaps as a sub-conscious protest. Most of the video features images of singer Heidi Vogel, who toured extensively with Cinematic Orchestra, but the original vocals (and audio) are by blues/jazz legend Fontella Bass, who makes a few brief cameos towards the end of the song.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Irie 5+5 EP (Collected Mashups Sampler One)

With over 200 mashups to my name and my intention to release a new CD-length volume every month or two, the Collected Mashups Series is going to take a while to release, especially with the special bonus tunes (remixes, remasters, instrumentals, and previously unreleased stuff) I plan to include along the way.

Due to popular demand, and with many of my most well-known mashups currently off-line, I've decided to also release a few Collected Mashups Series samplers (EPs), which include tracks from my entire 2004-2011 "oeuvre," assembled according to specific themes. This is the first such sampler, and since summer has finally arrived, I was inspired last weekend to collect ten of my reggae/dub/dancehall mashups in one EP. Have fun and stay irie!

Love, ~I

DJ not-I: Irie 5+5 EP
Collected Mashups Sampler One:
Ten Reggae, Dub & Dancehall Mashups


(alternative link in "Comments" section)
10 tracks, high-quality mp3s, 79 MB

(alternative link in "Comments" section)


Hot Five:

1. Sir Niney In Control (Missy Elliott vs. King Tubby vs. Wreckx-n-Effect)
Produced for the GYBO Reggae/Dub/Dancehall Challenge. To be re-released on "Year Of The Pig" (Collected Mashups Vol. 3)" (forthcoming).

2. You Can't Judge A Boom Sumting (Bo Diddley vs. DJ Vadim)
Taken from "The Bo Diddley Tribute Mixes". To be re-released on: "Collected Mashups Vol. ?" (forthcoming).

3. Auto Temp Crash Test (Sean Paul vs. Hexstatic)
Taken from The Shinobi EP. To be re-released on "Collected Mashups Vol. ?" (forthcoming).

4. El Flow Inside My Head (Parido del Barrio feat. L.D.A. vs. The Police)
To be re-released on "El Álbum Latino (Collected Mashups Vol. 3b)" (forthcoming).

5. Fist Of Holla (Ghostface Killah vs. Lee "Scratch" Perry)
Produced for the GYBO Reggae/Dub/Dancehall Challenge. To be re-released on "Year Of The Pig (Collected Mashups Vol. 3)" (forthcoming).

Chilled Five:

6. Psycho Chillin' (Talking Heads vs. Tego Calderón)
                Produced for the GYBO Weekend Challenge VI. To be re-released on "Collected Mashups Vol. ?" 

7. If I Hail (Song For My Father) (Dead Prez & Tupac Shakur vs. Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba)
Taken from "MashAnthology (Collected Mashups Vol. 1)".

8. F.E.A.R. of Karma (Ian Brown vs. Björk vs. Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor vs. Monks of Songgwang Sa Monastery)
To be re-released on "Year Of The Pig (Collected Mashups Vol. 3)" (forthcoming).

9. Bloody Red Killing Jar (Siouxsie & The Banshees vs. Vin Gordon)
Produced for the GYBO Weekend Challenge III. To be re-released on "Collected Mashups Vol. ?" (forthcoming).

10. Dracula's 77 Nation Army (Nostalgia 77 vs. Bob Marley & The Wailers vs. Lee "Scratch" Perry)
To be re-released on "Year Of The Pig (Collected Mashups Vol. 3)" (forthcoming).

Produced by DJ not-I, Mexikotrax 2006-2010.
Original cover art (singles) by Klaudia Gottwald. New cover art (EP) by not-I.
For promotional use only!

DJ not-I: Irie 5+5 EP
Collected Mashups Sampler One:
Ten Reggae, Dub & Dancehall Mashups

(alternative link in "Comments" section)
10 tracks, high-quality mp3s, 79 MB

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Smells Like Bee Gees (video)

This mashup of the Bee Gees and Nirvana was created over a year ago as part of the ongoing GYBO Weekend Challenge. It was featured on AudioPorn Central and made their 2011 Top 20 of most-popular posts. I've finally made a video for it in memoriam Robin Gibb (1949-2012).

"Smells Like Bee Gees" will be re-released (along with a remastered version) in one of the later volumes of the Collected Mashup series. In the meantime, you can download the original mp3 here.

Unfortunately (but predictably) Warner Music Group blocked the Youtube version, which was up for almost exactly a day. Here's the Vimeo version:

Audio sources: The Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" (acapella); Nivana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (DJ Schmolli instrumental). Video sources: official videos.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Collected Mashups Vol. 1: MashAnthology (deluxe edition)

At long last, the first volume of the DJ not-I collected mashup retrospective series is finally available. As previously stated, with my semi-retirement from eight years of mashup-making to embark on original musical adventures, I'm releasing the entirety of my blend/bootleg/bastard-pop oeuvre in a series of mp3 albums, featuring all your favorite mashups of mine as well as special remixes, instrumentals, and previously unreleased tracks.

The journey begins here, with MashAnthology, a collection that ranges from my earliest efforts to some of my biggest "hits" made between 2004 and 2006. Though I released a previous version of this particular album, this is the definitive and deluxe edition which features several remixes, remasters, instrumentals and radio versions, many of them recently produced especially for the Collected Mashup series.

MashAnthology is all about "beginner's mind" (i.e. the initial thrill I found in juxtaposing various tunes, and the occasionally rough production values that went with it) and the utter eclecticism in the choice of sources, which was to become my trademark style. Although most of the tracks on this album use rap vocals, this is by no means a strictly hip-hop affair, and the compositions range from electronic to grunge to jazz to metal to pop to soul to world music. Rhythm is at center stage here, but my later emphasis on melody and harmony (or, as some of my mashup colleagues might say, my obsession with key) is clearly evident.

Enjoy and stay tuned for Collected Mashups Vol. II: The Sōhei Album, the majority of which will consist of previously-unreleased material!

Love, ~I

Download it in two parts:

Part One (Disc 1 of 2)
Part Two (Disc 2 of 2)
(Alternative links in "Comments" section)

Double album, 2 .zip files, 40 tracks
Total time: 2:38:35 (1:19:05/1:19:30)
High-quality mp3s (192-320 kbps)
Includes complete cover art by
Klaudia Gottwald and not-I



Disc One:

1. Honshirabe Waltz (Kohachiro Miyata vs. Max Roach)
2. Heart-Shaped Sky (Blackalicious vs. Nirvana vs. Stevie Wonder)
3. Feel All Apologies (Blackalicious vs. Nirvana)
4. Shimmember Me (Ol' Dirty Bastard vs. Blue Boy)
5. Pollution 500  (Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna vs. FunDaMental)
6. Chess Without Sobriety (Wu-Tang Clan & Eminem vs. Tanita Tikaram)
7. Download Planet (Sway vs. Leftfield)
8. One Monkey Don't Shock No Show (Goodie Mob vs. Peter Gabriel)
9. WMD (Soldiers' Memorial) (The Perceptionists vs. Eminem)
10. Times 2005 (Katrina Aftermath) (Ray Nagin & Reporters Gone Wild vs. Prince)
11. I'm Jux Twisted (Lyrics Born vs. System of a Down vs. KoRn feat. Dave Grohl)
12. If I Hail (Song For My Father) (Dead Prez & Tupac vs. Cedric Im Brooks & The Light of Saba)
13. (Feelin') Temptation in the Bathroom (Swollen Members & Perverted Monks vs. The Beat)
14. G'z Up Funk (Tony Touch & Doo Wop vs. The Meters) (Radio Edit)
15. Shimmember Me (Remixed & Remastered)
16. Chess Without Sobriety (Instrumental)
17. Download Planet (Instrumental)
18. I'm Jux Twisted (Instrumental)
19. Chess Without Sobriety (Radio Edit)
20. Shimmember Me (Dub Version)
21. Cantaloconi (Us3 vs. John Coltrane vs. Eric Dolphy vs. Kohachiro Miyata)

Disc Two:

1. G'z Up Funk (Tony Touch & Doo Wop vs. The Meters)
2. Touch It Cigrik (Busta Rhymes vs. Mogollar)
3. Fucked Up, Right Now (KRS-One vs. Fatboy Slim)
4. Spin Dis 1 Ting Round (Dynamite MC & The Nextmen vs. Amerie vs. Missy Elliott)
5. Can I Engel Like That (Pharrell & Gwen Stefani vs. Rammstein)
6. Early Journey (M1 & Sticman vs. Squarepusher)
7. Where Eagles Have Been Lost (Cool Calm Pete vs. Wolfmother vs. Channel Live vs. Killah Priest)
8. Think Freedom (Paris & Dead Prez vs. Aretha Franklin)
9. Axel F Plays Dumb (Esoteric vs. Harold Faltermeyer)
10. In The Ghetto Tonight (Eric B. & Rakim vs. Phil Collins)
11. Never Call You Bitch Again (Evolution) (Tupac vs. Cinematic Orchestra)
12. Old School, Close & Slow (Tupac vs. Prince)
13. Freak Affection (Missy Elliott vs. Joan Armatrading)
14. Touch It Cigrik (Dr. Bakteria Version)
15. F***ed Up, Right Now (Extended Radio Version)
16. Can I Engel Like That (Radio Edit)
17. Where Eagles Have Been Lost (Instrumental)
18. Touch It Cigrik (Instrumental)
19. Shimmember Me (Unabashed Dance Version)

Download in two parts:

(Alternative links in "Comments" section)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Archive Series Vol. II: Unabashed Dance (mix/compilation)

This was my second DJ promo, produced in 2005, and it served its original purpose well by landing me some new gigs. It's all about worldbeat, breakbeats, and dancing unabashedly. With the exception of my mash-up at the end, it's purely vinyl (though even Shimmember Me used vinyl sources), and features a lot of remixes and white-label joints. You may find it to be an inspirational soundtrack for your own personal spring/summer transition, as I did when I first made it and am finding again now!

As in my last post, this mix is presented as a deluxe compilation-style CD-edition split into individual tracks, with artwork by Klaudia Gottwald and encoded into mp3 from the original .wav file at the highest possible variable bitrate.



see pic below or the Mixcloud playlist

Lots of Love! ~I

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Archive Series Vol. I: The Sonic Wok (mix/compilation, 2004)

After having made countless mixtapes on TDK SR-90 cassettes, this was my first real mix CD, produced as a DJ promo, and recorded live at Café Latte, Vienna, Austria, 21.VIII.2004.
An oldie but goodie, it not only lays out a nice and smooth (mostly) vinyl groove, but presents the first forceful manifestation of the eclectic not-I style.

In essence, it's a timeless world-music-spring/summer-chill-out mix with plenty of funk, soul and heart - not to mention "beginner's mind" as a gigging DJ. And I say "timeless" because after eight years, I find it still stands up to repeated listening. Perhaps you'll agree. Also includes my first two proto-mash-ups.

Download the special edition: 

(compilation version / 1:16:54 / mp3 (VBR ~0)) 

see pic below or the Mixcloud playlist

Monday, January 23, 2012

Can I Engel Like That (video)

New promo video #3 for Vol. 1 of the Collected Mashups series. [edit: now available HERE]

Pharrell & Gwen Stefani vs. Rammstein: Can I Engel Like That (2006)

Audio sources:
Pharrell "Can I Have It Like That (feat. Gwen Stefani)" (acapella)
Pharrell "Angel" (acapella)
Rammstein "Engel"

Video sources: official videos

Vimeo version:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shimmember Me (video)

2012 promo video #2 for the imminent release of MashAnthology (Collected Mashups Vol. 1) of the forthcoming collector's series [edit: now available HERE].

Ol' Dirty Bastard vs. Blue Boy: Remember Me (2005)

Audio sources:
Ol' Dirty Bastard "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" (Dog Town Remix & Soul Society Remix acapellas & instrumentals).
Blue Boy "Remember Me".
Rant: ODB at the 1998 Grammy's.
Shout-outs: not-I. Original track produced in 2005. Redux produced in 2011.

Video sources:
"Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and "Remember Me" official videos.
O.D.B. MTV interview.

Special Thanks to The Rub.

Monday, January 2, 2012

In The Ghetto Tonight (video)

2012 promo video for the imminent release of MashAnthology (Collected Mashups 2004-2006), volume one of the forthcoming collector's series [edit: now available HERE]

Eric B. & Rakim vs. Phil Collins: In The Ghetto Tonight (2006)

DJ not-I: In The Ghetto Tonight (Eric B. & Rakim vs. Phil Collins) from DJ not-I on Vimeo.
Audio sources: Eric B. & Rakim: "In The Ghetto" (drumapella); Phil Collins: "In The Air Tonight" (Extended Version & '88 Remix)
Video sources: Official videos; Phil Collins (live at Knebworth); Eric B. & Rakim (live at the Apollo)

Beginning = End End = Beginning

Hi There, Welcome, and Happy New Year!

With the dawning of 2012, I've decided to set up a new site. This blog is intended to be a permanent repository and hub for all DJ not-I productions past, present and future.

With my semi-retirement from mashup-making to pursue original avenues, I am assembling all my previous blends/mashups/bootlegs into CD-length volumes as a kind of chronological Collected Works series. In addition to the original mixes you may know and love, each volume will contain several unreleased tracks, including some instrumentals, radio versions, and remixes, as well as complete artwork and liner notes. I plan to release one two-disc volume per month. Volume One is on the way.

I'll also be (re-)posting the various DJ not-I-related material that has accumulated over the years, including mashup videos, mixes, podcasts, remixes, and miscellanea.

In the meantime, you may wish to check out my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, or my Youtube channel.

Thanks for visiting. Here's wishing you all the best for the coming year!

Love ~I