Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Collected Mashups Vol. 3a: Of Love, Hate and Change

2008 was a watershed in many respects: The mashups of this collection mirror both the anxious global mood before the U.S. elections and the sense of measured optimism that arose afterward, even in the midst of an economic crisis of vast proportions. The long, dark (inter-)national nightmare of the Cheney-Bush regime's reign of terror was finally over. (Unfortunately, though perhaps predictably, the Obama administration has continued, and even expanded, many of the same policies.)

Several of these mashups are overtly and unabashedly political. They range from Eminem's and The Beatles' unintentional (and Reverend Wright's explicit) advocacy of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton during the primaries ("(W)right America") to the conspiracy theories of Immortal Technique ("Infra-stition"), Jedi Mind Tricks ("Heavy Metal Amour"), and M.I.A. ("Under Paper Planes"), to the full-on partisan endorsement of Obama against McCain/Palin and the unprecedented dirtiness of their campaign ("Change The Hate"). Even one of the 'dance' tracks is infused with politics ("Vino Hip Vino Hop"). I had made political mashes before, but perhaps never with such passion and intensity.

Yet this album also features several non-political tracks expressing, among other things: love (the Bo Diddley Tribute Mixes), optimism ("Just Might Be Big Love," produced after the elections), awareness of death ("6 Feet Under The Bitter End"), rock 'n' roll ("Freaky Undone Hombre"), and just good, clean fun ("Smells Like Futurama" and "Rihanna's Troubled Bees").

Many of these mashups also gave me the opportunity to utilize and juxtapose more diverse sources than previously, including blues, drum & bass, indie, and nu metal. In this collection, I've included a few first versions and alternate mixes. I believe this collection is representative of my work's diversity and is quite a decent album too (hence the cheeky cover). I hope you agree. Enjoy! Love, not-I

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.zip file, 163 MB, 19 tracks, high-quality mp3s
package includes artwork and notes


1.    Smells Like Futurama (Nirvana vs. Futurama)
2.    Who Do You Love (In The Night) (Bo Diddley vs. Eagles Of Death Metal)
3.    Freaky Undone Hombre (M.I.A. vs. KoRn)
4.    Heavy Metal Amour (Jedi Mind Tricks & Ill Bill vs. Rachid Taha)
5.    (W)right America (Eminem vs. The Beatles vs. Optical)
6.    Vino Hip Vino Hop (Dead Prez vs. Eastenders)
7.    Rihanna's Troubled Bees (Rihanna vs. Chris T-T vs. Shampoo)
8.    6 Feet Under The Bitter End (Placebo vs. Thomas Newman/Photek)
9.    You Can't Judge A Boom Sumting (Bo Diddley vs. DJ Vadim)
10.  Under Paper Planes (M.I.A. vs. Cléan)
11.  Infra-stition (Immortal Technique & Busta Rhymes vs. Stevie Wonder vs.
12.  Change The Hate (Jill Scott vs. Rage Against The Machine vs. Talib Kweli)
13.  Just Might Be Big Love! (Lupe Fiasco & Gemini vs. Fleetwood Mac)
14.  No One's Lockdown (Original Mix)
15.  (W)right America (Original Version)
16.  6 Feet Under The Bitter End (Original Version)
17.  Infra-stition (Demo Version)
18.  Just Might Be Big Love (Demo Version)
19.  Change The Hate (Single Edit)

Full list of sources in mp3 tags.

Mashed, mixed and produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2008
For promotional use only.

(alternate link in "comments" section)

.zip file, 163 MB, 19 tracks, high-quality mp3s, artwork and notes



  1. Alternate download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?80cd20biq58r25y

  2. I'm downloading now & will be blasting your amazing blend in my vehicle!! Thanks for all the great music but most of all your friendship!! ~ @phurdrick

  3. Blast it, brother! Thanks for yours too! Love, not-I