Sunday, April 22, 2012

Archive Series Vol. I: The Sonic Wok (mix/compilation, 2004)

After having made countless mixtapes on TDK SR-90 cassettes, this was my first real mix CD, produced as a DJ promo, and recorded live at Café Latte, Vienna, Austria, 21.VIII.2004.
An oldie but goodie, it not only lays out a nice and smooth (mostly) vinyl groove, but presents the first forceful manifestation of the eclectic not-I style.

In essence, it's a timeless world-music-spring/summer-chill-out mix with plenty of funk, soul and heart - not to mention "beginner's mind" as a gigging DJ. And I say "timeless" because after eight years, I find it still stands up to repeated listening. Perhaps you'll agree. Also includes my first two proto-mash-ups.

Download the special edition: 

(compilation version / 1:16:54 / mp3 (VBR ~0)) 

see pic below or the Mixcloud playlist

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