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Collected Mashups Vol. 4b: The Shitcase Cinema Remixes

My musical collaboration with Johnny Shitcase and Professor Bruce of Shitcase Cinema began in 2009. I don't recall the precise circumstances of our initial contact, but I think it had something to do with my search for Youtube footage of Donald Sutherland's notorious eye-roll scene in Virus, the sci-fi-horror flick of 1999, stumbling across a Shitcase Cinema review of the film in the process, and consequently watching a whole bunch of Shitcase. I absolutely love(d) their humorous, do-it-yourself approach to reviewing (mainly) bad movies, which showcased (and still features) John's well-written scripts and thick Yorkshire accent, Professor Bruce's "science" segments and role as comic foil, their silly over-the-top skits often involving a cast of characters such as Caveman Wayne, a heavy dose of Pythonesque absurdity, and (of course) a propensity for creative cursing.
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This led me to contact Johnny Shitcase, and after some friendly back-and-forth messages, I offered (or agreed, I don't remember) to do some mashups of Professor Bruce's already perfect theme song with some soundtrack tunes. Over the course of the next couple years, I did a total of seven short Shitcase Cinema Theme Song mashups/remixes, six of which were featured in various Shitcase reviews. At some point, with the Google takeover of Youtube and its private message system, John going on a long trip overseas, and me having various other things on my plate, our collaboration petered out, so I thought I'd take this occasion to duly celebrate it with this collection. And what better way to introduce uninitiated not-I fans to Shitcase Cinema than with a series of Shitcase videos that feature my little remixes? (See end of post.) DOWNLOAD (alternate link in "comments").

Collected Mashups Vol. 4b: The Shitcase Cinema Remixes is a mini album (only 36 MB) intended for die-hard not-I collectors and Shitcase enthusiasts, which includes the following mini-maxi mix of all the remixes:

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DJ not-I: Collected Mashups Vol. 4a: The Shitcase Cinema Remixes

1. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Mouth Of Madness Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. John Carpenter and Jim Lang - “In The Mouth Of Madness”
    As featured in “In The Mouth Of Madness - Shitcase Cinema review”)
2. Shitcase Ninja
    Professor Bruce vs. “Shogun: Total War” (computer game soundtrack)
    Spoken samples: A shitload of shitty ninja movies
    As featured in “Ninja Squad - Shitcase Cinema review” (@ 6:42)
3. Shitcase Cinema Theme (L.A. Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. Shirley Walker & John Carpenter - Escape From L.A (Main Title)
    Spoken samples: Johnny Shitcase
    As featured in “Bad 3rd movies - Shitcase Cinema short”
4. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Crookers Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. Crookers - "Aguas de Parco”
    Spoken samples: Johnny Shitcase
    As featured in “Mars Attacks - Shitcase Cinema review”
5. Who Made Shitcase (AC/DC Theme Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. AC/DC - “Who Made Who”
    As featured in “Maximum Overdrive - Shitcase Cinema review”
6. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Commando Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. James Horner - “Commando (Prologue/Main Title)”
7. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Broken Arrow Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. Hans Zimmer - “Broken Arrow theme.”
    Additional beats: A-Trak
    As featured in “Broken Arrow - Shitcase Cinema review”
8. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Mini Remix Megamix)
    Miix of tracks 1-7 with not-I shout-out.
9. Shitcase Cinema Theme (Mouth of Sadness Remix)
    Professor Bruce vs. John Carpenter and Jim Lang - “In The Mouth Of Madness”
    First version.

Produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2009-2011 (except 8, produced in 2014). For promotional use only!

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And now for some Shitcase Cinema (by the way, they have an official page and a very active group on Facebook. And here's my official Facebook page: DJ.not.I).

Love, not-I

1. Crookers Remix (feat. Donald Sutherland's notorious eye-roll scene @ 1:12)

2. Who Made Shitcase (AC/DC Theme Remix) (feat. John on air guitar)

3. Mouth Of Madness Remix

Three more Shitcase Cinema reviews feat. not-I remixes after the jump!

4. Broken Arrow Remix

5. L.A. Remix

6. Shitcase Ninja (@ 6:42)

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