Monday, October 21, 2013

Collected Mashups Vol. 2c: El Álbum Latino

This collection consists of single versions of all the mashups featured on not-i-podcast-02: la edición latina as well as a few Latin-themed bonus tracks. It is the last installment in Collected Mashups Vol. 2 (those made in 2007).

In accordance with the title and theme, much of the lyrical content is in Spanish, yet these juxtapositions are quite eclectic and roughly half of them mix English-language lyrics with Latin-flavored instrumentals - many of them include both languages. Hence, you don't have to speak Spanish to enjoy this album. In fact, I don't know much Spanish myself, but the highly melodic character of the Latina/Latino vocals featured here (including the reggaeton "rapping") suggested several fascinating combinations, which along with many of the tracks on Vol. 2a, marked my final departure from strictly hip-hop blends into truly melodic mashup territory.

In this collection you will hear top reggaeton artists like Tego Calderón or Voltio sing-song-rapping over jazz and dub reggae as well as Latin singers such as Don Omar, Notch, or Orquídea Negra of L.D.A. soaring over Jean-Michel Jarre and The Police. You will also hear underground rappers J3hst (UK) or The Perceptionists (US) spitting poison over slick-and-smooth-as-silk reggaeton instrumentals as well as Tweet waxing R&B-style over Santana and soul queen Jill Scott testifying over the Latin-heavy drums of Swizz Beatz. There is also a bit of The Simpsons en Español.

Variety is key here, yet regardless of genre, language or style, all of these mashups have a decidedly Latin flavor and, perhaps because of it, all of them are quite danceable. ¡Pásalo bien! Love, DJ not-I.

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.zip file, 92 MB
14 tracks, high-quality mp3s
package includes artwork and liner notes


1.   Mexican Radio (Remix of Wall Of Voodoo feat. Latin Hip-Hop Allstars and
2.   Golden Ride (Beginner's Mind) (Jill Scott vs. Swizz Beatz vs. Thich Nhat
3.   Puerto Rico 67/07 (Frankie Cutlass, Lumidee, Voltio, Joell Ortiz vs. The
      Young-Holt Trio)
4.   Eyez Like The Wind (DJ Vadim & Deuce Eclipse vs. Skream)
5.   Chevere Takeoff (Voltio & Notch vs. RJD2/Jean-Michel Jarre)
6.   El Flow Inside My Head (Peligro & L.D.A. vs. The Police)
7.   Chevere Phlegm (Jeh5t vs. Voltio/Tainy/Mas Flow)
8.   Chico Keep That Fire Burning (Petey Pablo vs. Pitbull vs. The Last Eighth
      vs. The Killergroove Formula)
9.   Call Me La Puesta (Que No, Dicky Ranking & Don Abusivo vs. Tweet vs.
10.  Check It Easy (Fugees vs. Beyonce vs. White Lion vs. Voltio & Slim Thug)
11.  Dame Una Carrere (The Perceptionists vs. Latin Hip-Hop y Mas)
12.  El Robot Telefonico (Robot Boy vs. Wisin Y Yandel & Hector Bambino)
13.  Chillin' Love Dub (Tego Calderón & Don Omar vs. Sly & Robbie)
14.  Manchester Couch Potato (Visionaries vs. DJ Vadim)

Full list of sources in mp3 tags.
Mashed, mixed and produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2007
For promotional use only.

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.zip file, 92 MB, 14 tracks, high-quality mp3s, artwork and liner notes


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