Friday, April 27, 2012

Archive Series Vol. II: Unabashed Dance (mix/compilation)

This was my second DJ promo, produced in 2005, and it served its original purpose well by landing me some new gigs. It's all about worldbeat, breakbeats, and dancing unabashedly. With the exception of my mash-up at the end, it's purely vinyl (though even Shimmember Me used vinyl sources), and features a lot of remixes and white-label joints. You may find it to be an inspirational soundtrack for your own personal spring/summer transition, as I did when I first made it and am finding again now!

As in my last post, this mix is presented as a deluxe compilation-style CD-edition split into individual tracks, with artwork by Klaudia Gottwald and encoded into mp3 from the original .wav file at the highest possible variable bitrate.



see pic below or the Mixcloud playlist

Lots of Love! ~I

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Archive Series Vol. I: The Sonic Wok (mix/compilation, 2004)

After having made countless mixtapes on TDK SR-90 cassettes, this was my first real mix CD, produced as a DJ promo, and recorded live at Café Latte, Vienna, Austria, 21.VIII.2004.
An oldie but goodie, it not only lays out a nice and smooth (mostly) vinyl groove, but presents the first forceful manifestation of the eclectic not-I style.

In essence, it's a timeless world-music-spring/summer-chill-out mix with plenty of funk, soul and heart - not to mention "beginner's mind" as a gigging DJ. And I say "timeless" because after eight years, I find it still stands up to repeated listening. Perhaps you'll agree. Also includes my first two proto-mash-ups.

Download the special edition: 

(compilation version / 1:16:54 / mp3 (VBR ~0)) 

see pic below or the Mixcloud playlist