Monday, October 14, 2013

Collected Mashups Vol. 2b: The Sohei Album Sampler

The Sōhei Album Sampler - "Hip-Hop Mash Attack." Full of vigor, hip-hop sensibilities, and "fighting spirit" and produced almost entirely from vinyl sources, this was my first attempt at a proper album, which turned out as an EP-length "album sampler." Started in late 2006 and released in January 2007, these songs actually preceded those of Collected Mashups Vol. 2a. I am still quite proud of them. The sampler includes the internet hits: "Fergie Must Go," "Pass The Chunfly," and "Stranglehold Friday".

Originally, I had planned to release an entire CD-length work called The Sōhei Album. Many of the songs I had intended to include were gradually released as singles, though several unreleased tracks in various states of completion still remain on my old hard drive . The Collected Mashups series will eventually feature them as well, perhaps as the last volume.

I offer this long-unavailable EP as Vol. 2b in the series. I hope you enjoy it!

Love, not-I.

8 high-quality mp3s, artwork, notes
30:34, 52 MB, .zip file

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1.  I Gotcha Sûrement (Lupe Fiasco vs. Ez3kiel)
2.  Abacab Warzone (Pete Rock feat. Dead Prez vs. Genesis)
3.  Dhol's What I'm After (Lords of the Underground vs. Asian Dub
4.  Stranglehold Friday (Cool Calm Pete vs. Chops feat. Raekwon vs. Ted
     Nugent vs. Sage Francis)
5.  Pass The Chunfly (People Under The Stairs vs. Voltio/Nesty)
6.  Fergie Must Go (El-P vs. Fergie/Polow the Don vs. The A'z)
7.  Tika Tok Krunk (Ak'sent vs. Skibadee/Crissy Criss)
8.  Cry Hope (Nas vs. Obie Trice/Sicknotes vs. KRS-One)

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