Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Collected Mashups Vol. 4: Sleeper

Good Morning! The next installment of the Collected Mashups series has finally arrived! I've called this collection "Sleeper" because of: 1.) "Sleeper (noun): someone or something unpromising or unnoticed that suddenly attains prominence or value"; 2.) Klaudia Gottwald's portrait of me featured on the cover; and 3.) My love of deep sleep whenever I can get it. Download itDisc 1 Disc 2 (alternate links in "comments").

These mashups are all from 2009. This was a great year for me in terms of my development and new place in the mashup game. My previous work was finally getting recognized, as was my new stuff. I performed at Bootie Munich and at Bootie Vienna and played out several of the mashes featured on this album live, including "Nanafushi Bulletproof" and "Chop Synergy Dare," which are being released here for the first time. I ventured back into the 80s with the popular "Spin Shout Right Round!" and "He Got Scream," and explored uncharted territory with epic jams like "MORE Cowbell," "100 Million Butterflies," and "Raising The Small Things In Life." My mashups had decisively shifted to the melodic. I still showed love for hip-hop, but also for the pioneering adventures that had come to define my style (e.g. "Three Skies A Lady," "Phantom Sanctuary").

Despite my occasional pop stylings and apparent pangs "to be liked", I think most of these mashups are utterly uncompromising, and all the better for it.

Don't make music you think people want to hear, make music you want to hear!

Love, DJ not-I

P.S.i I couldn't decide how to order these mashups, so I (mostly) arranged them according to increasing beats per minute (BPMs).
P.S.ii Don't "sleep on" Disc 2. It's not filler and includes two previously unreleased tracks.

Download: Disc 1 Disc 2 (alternate links in "comments")


DJ not-I
Collected Mashups Vol. 4: Sleeper

Disc One:

1.   Epic Wit Chu (Faith No More vs. Queens Of The Stone Age)
2.   Kool Shook C.R.E.A.M. (Mobb Deep vs. Wu-Tang Clan vs. Kool & The Gang)
3.   He Got Scream (Janet & Michael Jackson vs. Public Enemy vs. KRS-One vs. Buffalo Springfield)
4.   Aunt Jackie’s Sexy Pickup (Jason Fox vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Average White Band)
5.   Ready Or Not, Let Me Go (Fugees vs. Heaven 17)
6.   100 Million Butterflies (Rap Version) (Muse vs. Birdman & Lil’ Wayne)
7.   Knockout On The New Frontier (Lily Allen vs. Donald Fagen)
8.   Nanafushi Bulletproof (La Roux vs. Gloria Gaynor vs. KODO) *
9.   Spin Shout Right Round! (Tears For Fears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Crookers vs. Michael Jackson)
10. MORE Cowbell! (The Sisters Of Mercy vs. NAPT)
11. Phantom Sanctuary (Dawn Til Dusk Mix) (The Cult vs. Justice)
12. Ain't Got kNOw Home (Clarence “Frogman” Henry vs. Queens Of The Stone Age)
13. Three Skies A Lady (The Commodores vs. Queens Of The Stone Age)
14. Raising The Small Things In Life (Tracey Thorn vs. Blink 182 vs. Robot Redford)
15. MORE Cowbell! (No Mercy Mix)

Disc Two:

1.   Jingle & Mashup Medley (DJ not-I)
2.   He Got Scream (Original Mix)
3.   100 Million Butterflies (Muse vs. Birdman)
4.   Chop Synergy Dare (Gorillaz vs. System Of A Down vs. Fingathing) *
5.   Spin Shout Right Round! (Original Mix)
6.   MORE Cowbell! (Radio Edit)
7.   Cinco De Mayo (War vs. Free vs. Deee-Lite vs. Beyonce vs. Pitbull vs. Ween)
8.   Phantom Sanctuary (Dusk Til Dawn Mix)
9.   Vino Hip Vino Hop (Video Version) (Dead Prez vs. Eastenders)
10. My Favorite Allez (The Supremes vs. Eastenders) *
11. MORE Cowbell! (Sisters Of Cowbell Mix)
12. He Got Scream (Instrumental)

* previously unreleased

Complete list of sources in mp3 tags.

Produced by DJ not-I @ Mexikotrax, 2009.
Additional production: 2014.
Cover painting by Klaudia Gottwald.
For promotional use only!

DownloadDisc 1 Disc 2 (alternate links in "comments")



  1. Alternate links: Disc 1: https://www.mediafire.com/?n73yztke8w6bzbq
    Disc 2: https://www.mediafire.com/?n73yztke8w6bzbq

    1. Both the mediafire links are the same.

    2. Thanks for the heads-up, Higgins. Here's Disc 2 via Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iqrgwrv6i4ovhsc/

  2. I really gotta hand it to you. This collection is mighty enjoyable, & impressive. Many thanks for granting access.
    ( btw - main link for d1 is gone. Alt link worked fine. ;) )

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Useo! I'm pleased to hear you enjoy the album.
      (P.S. I've updated the main links for this and the entire Collected Mashups series.)