Sunday, August 14, 2016

Archive Series Vol. 5: not-I-podcast-03: GYBO Mixtape Edition

In the final days of the great GYBO website ("Get Your Bootleg On" version 5), the original hub and long-time host of mashups, bootlegs, bastard pop, and great banter before it was shut down by threats of corporate lawsuits), Jez of Celebrity Murder Party initiated a new challenge (after having kicked off the long-running GYBO Weekend Challenge, which was directly responsible for the mashups on my Challenger and Challenger II albums). This new challenge was to make an old-school mixtape as one side of 90-minute cassette (i.e. a 45-min. mix) of some of our favorite tunes.

This was my response (now available in a special edition < DOWNLOAD). Enjoy!

Previous podcasts available here (hip-hop edition) and here (Latin edition). New podcasts coming soon...

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